Crusonia Conversations

Bruce German and Carter Williams, NEXT WED. 8/12

The future of food is the future of health. And, the time is now. Innovative companies are already addressing crop innovation, smarter plant-based natural and affordable alternatives to sugar and improvement of sustainable, efficient ag and food manufacturing. We invite you to take your place at the table.





Crusonia Conversations is a series of free virtual events – with top industry leaders and experts in Food, Health, Agriculture, and the Economy. This series will be moderated by professional journalist Sarah Mock. Each event will be a 30-minute discussion with the conversation partners, followed by a live Q&A where everyone is invited to join in the conversation.



Crusonia Conversations are FREE to attend, but unfortunately not free to produce; please consider donating to Crusonia on the Delta, a Tennessee-base nonprofit so we can keep the Converszations going.


Wed, Aug 12

Bruce German, Food Science and Technology Director, Foods for Health Institute at UC Davis & Carter Williams, CEO, iSelect Fund


Wed, Sept 16

Brian Thompson, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO, Elemental Enzymes & Vonnie Estes, VP of Technology, Produce Marketing Association

Wed, Sept 30

Celebrating its fourth year in 2020, the Forum is dedicated to fostering conversations and relationships focused on the dramatically changing global food system with special emphasis on the fact that Food Is Health. We need innovative solutions that not only advance a more nutritional, and plentiful food system, but one that improves efficiency and affordability through better resource use, allocation and reuse. To address these issues is why Crusonia on the Delta exists – and why we hope you will join us.

Crusonia on the Delta has never been your usual conference environment, and COVID-19 has forced us to take up our game once again; on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, expect an immersive, highly interactive digital gathering of the most brilliant agricultural minds, forward-thinking investors, cutting-edge farmers, frontline doctors and researchers and restless entrepreneurs engaged in a highly interactive, solutions-oriented discussion about the future of Food and Health and how it is reshaping the global food system. Our goal is to broadcast the Digital Forum live from Memphis and highlight the myriad ways Memphis and the Delta have become the proving ground for the Next Generation of Food and Health.

The Digital Forum will focus on a range of topics under the umbrella that Food Is Health and feature world-class speakers in highly interactive, solutions-oriented conversations. Beyond the conversations, the Digital Forum will highlight the best that Memphis and the Delta region have to offer and will hopefully work as a bridge to a time when we can again gather in person in the Judge’s Tent at the world-famous Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest on the banks of the Mississippi River. Wednesday, September 30 will be a content-packed afternoon and a truly unique opportunity to collaborate with the groups and individuals steering the course of food system innovation today and tomorrow.


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Davos on the Delta is now Crusonia on the Delta

Our 2020 event will introduce Crusonia on the Delta. A Crusonia is a mythical plant named for its discovers. The plant was capable of providing bountiful, accessible and sustainable nutrition provided it was cared for, nurtured and cultivated. We felt the story of the Crusonia is the perfect metaphor for the solutions we’ll continue to explore together such as Food System C and the intrinsic relationship between Food and Health. Practical, affordable, accessible and sustainable answers to these challenges will be our modern day Crusonias; and you today’s Crusonian.

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